Spiritual Cleansing 101

In my last blog “Getting Back to the Basics” I shared how meditation and some other practices keep me grounded. With the new moon that peaked a few days ago, I was reminded of another one of “the basics” in maintaining spiritual health and mental wellness. That “basic” is spiritual cleansing.  While I have dedicated this month of September to stillness, hence the blog “Stillness September”, I am also dedicating my focus to some much needed spiritual cleansing. 

In addition to meditation, frequent and routine cleansing is a basic part of spiritual maintenance. Just as we have to cleanse our bodies, we must also cleanse our energy fields. Our energy fields consist of but are not limited to our auras, thoughts, minds, and homes. The new moon is an optimal time to cleanse. This month’s new moon on September 14th also signaled the end of Mercury Retrograde and also started the countdown to the fall equinox on September 23rd. The fall equinox is another optimal time to cleanse. Over the next few days leading up to the equinox, I’ll be sharing tips, tools, and products that I love to use as part of my cleansing rituals here on the blog. Some of these products are included in the spiritual cleansing kit available at Corinthian’s Lighthouse online shop. While sharing these tips and tools, I will be using them myself to prepare for the equinox. Which means I may share some videos too on my youtube channel for spiritual cleansing. All orders placed for cleansing tools from the shop between now and the fall equinox will receive a gift while supplies last. Stay tuned.

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