Spiritual Cleansing 101: Spiritual Baths

I took a spiritual bath today

I didn’t have a lighter

I couldn’t find it

I sank down into the water

And these words came to me from God

You are the altar

You are the sacrifice

You are the fire that burns away

Anything that no longer adds

To your existence

You are the ashes too

You are the water cleansing

Anything that dims your light

You be the whole earth and the sea

Everything that you need

Lies within you

-The Book of Corinthian

Spiritual baths are an excellent way to cleanse the aura, heal the soul, and enhance rituals and spiritual practices. Spiritual baths can be done with bath salts, essential oils, candles, music, herbs, incense, smudging tools, flowers, and crystals of choice, etc. All of those things do enhance the experience, but ultimately all that is needed is water, self, and healing intent. As with everything, intention is what is most important. My home girl and I recently joked about how sitting in a tub of water may not clean the body entirely without a shower before or after. While this is true that spiritual baths may not be all needed to clean the physical body, but they do cleanse the soul and refresh the spirit. 

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