Spiritual Cleansing 101: Burning Sage

After becoming acquainted with meditation, burning sage, also known as smudging, was another spiritual practice that I began to resonate deeply with. I was not quite sure how it would work, but a part of me just knew that it would. Burning sage can both cleanse and transform the energy of a space and of one’s aura. After my first time smudging with sage, I noticed a subtle shift in my energy. My thoughts began to change, my attitude about certain things shifted, my mood lifted, and I just felt lighter overall. All of this naturally created a shift within my home and family unit at the time. These were not things that I expected to happen, but I was nonetheless grateful that they did. As I continued to engage in this practice more frequently, I noticed more transformations that were a lot less subtle. Some examples of these transformations were receiving downloads and guidance on how to move things around in my home to help energy flow better, knowing when to get rid of things, having more clarity on what habits needed to stop in my home, and in some more extreme cases, being clear on who did not need to be in my home. One of these extreme cases happened one day when I felt this nudge in my spirit to burn sage in the middle of the day while my youngest son’s home health nurse was in my home with us. I felt something was off but I could not make out what it was. I began to pray and then started burning the sage. Something still was off, so I put the sage in a dish and just let it sit and burn for a while. Lo and behold, I received a text message from the nurse that she intended to send to someone else. She was speaking ill of my oldest son who happened to be playing in the same room with us. I immediately had her leave my home upon realizing that she was the reason the energy in my home felt off. She did not need to be there. The prayers and sage worked, and rather quickly too!  

Of course, every smudging experience doesn’t happen like the extreme scenario above, but in all of my experiences I can honestly say that there is always some sort of shift that occurs either externally or internally. This practice proved to be beneficial in my life to the point that I wanted to share this experience with others. In the fall of 2019, sage bundles became my first physical product that I began to sell along with custom handwritten prayers and affirmations for my clients to use with their experiences. I loved creating these prayers and affirmations for them. I enjoyed hearing their feedback from their experiences after using the sage and prayers. Since then, I have created cleansing kits with sage, sage sprays, and the “Guide to Sage”. The digital “Guide to Sage” contains tips, prayers, and different affirmations to use while smudging. 

Whether you choose to burn sage or other herbs as your method of choice, smudging is an effective way to do a cleanse. Aside from spiritual cleansing, burning sage can also kill airborne bacteria which will naturally help transform a space. Smudging can be done as often as preferred. It can be done for new moons, full moons, and equinoxes. Or it can be done daily, weekly, or monthly depending on the person’s needs at the time. It is a personal choice, just as any spiritual practice is. Ultimately, intention matters most along with the use of discernment.

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