In my youth, I developed a fear of the number 6, especially if it were tripled, having grown up in the church. Now looking back, I can’t believe that I ever believed the notion that the “devil” had his own number. Over the years, I’ve grown to know and understand God, “The Creator”, “Most High”, “The Divine”, “All Intelligence”, and any other names synonymous for myself. I now perceive everything created by God as “good”. I also believe that man has been able to turn parts of creation into “bad”, or the polar opposite of good. This is why I can further understand how the number 6’s meaning has been misinterpreted throughout history. 

Back in 2016, when I experienced my “great awakening”, I started seeing angel numbers. At one point or another during that year, I saw every angel number doubled, tripled, and some even quadrupled. When I saw the triple 6’s for the first time, I was frightened as I remembered what I had learned at church. I slowed down and listened to my spirit after the fear settled to understand the true meaning of the number. The number 6 is actually associated with family, creation, home life, domestic pursuits, balance, and harmony. This definition made more sense to me considering that God created the earth in 6 days according to the Bible, with the 7th day being for rest. I began to notice that all of my messages from Spirit when I saw the 6’s resonated with aligning my focus on creating, building my family, balancing my home life, and releasing my worries of my material needs being met if I were to do all of the above. As I started listening to this guidance from Spirit, I felt the desire to have more children after overcoming my intense battle with postpartum depression with my oldest child. I wanted a big family, despite being told that I wouldn’t be able to have more than 3 children since I had a c-section with my oldest. I also started creating art and poetry that I did not know that I was capable of. That art and poetry were pillars for building The Book of Corinthian. My heart began to expand and my family life with my husband and son began to shift. Whenever I would see the 6’s then, I knew that I was on the right track. 

SIX years later today, I can see the manifestations tenfold of doing the inner work of creating new thoughts, habits, and a new way of living in general for me and my family. Coincidentally, me and my husband just reached a milestone in marriage of SIX years this month. Later this year, we will be a family of SIX! We are currently expecting our 4th child! This year of 2022 also carries the vibration of a universal year SIX. This year’s themes are aligned with improvements in family, marriage, home matters, and career changes according to numerology. This year is devoted to love and interest in the home and family circles. We can expect increases in marriage, advances in education and health conditions, and new homes and school models being built. This year is perfectly aligned with where my heart, goals, and intentions are for this year. I am grateful to be more in sync with the universe than ever right now. 

As we bring in the spring solstice, I have been reflective especially over this month that I named “Mindful March”. The number 6 has been at the forefront of my reflections. For more synchronicity, I have been pulling the same card “6 of cups” repeatedly all winter. I pulled it again at the start of this week as I was meditating on bringing in the new year. My messages from spirit with this card have been to focus on love and nurturing my family unit above all. As I internalized these messages, I was reminded of what my brand The Book of Corinthian was founded on and how creating a loving family has contributed to this foundation. I remembered why I started and how I must continue on with pursuing my mission. I then gave thanks for the confirmations and committed to resting and enjoying family time during my spring break from school. I returned to the heart of my love based brand and businesses and purged the remaining remnants of survival mode with the full moon. I am excited and hopeful for all this universal year 6 of 2022 has in store. Although tarot cards are simply a tool in strengthening my intuition, I am eternally grateful to be reminded of the power of creation that the number 6 holds. I am just grateful to remember.

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