As the moon grows full, I am reminded of another gift in nature, plants. Not just any plants, but the annual vinca that my husband bought me at the beginning of summer as I was attempting to start a garden outside of our new home. He bought the plants to me in the small containers that they originally came in from the store. I knew that they had 1-2 days at most before they needed to be transplanted into bigger pots. Having killed my fair share of plants before by failing to repot them when needed, I did not hesitate this time to do the transplanting. I now had 4 beautiful blossoming vinca plants. Time went on as I added a variety of herbs to the vinca that were now all in a raised garden bed. Then one day, I noticed that the vinca plants appeared to be dying along with the lavender and sage plants. I cried as I discovered the weeds that were the culprit of this tragedy. 

I removed the vinca from the garden bed and repotted them into individual pots again. Two of them along with the rosemary plant were able to be saved. In time they blossomed again as if this whole situation never occurred. Time progressed as the school year started at my new school. As I adjusted to my new environment while working to maintain balance with my family and home life, I slacked on watering my plants. It was evident as once again the vinca appeared to be dying. This time I was for sure that there was no saving them. With an ounce of faith, I watered them and spoke life into them anyway. A few days later they were back blooming, but this time more beautiful than before. I was amazed and thankful for my growing green thumb and the resilience of my plants. I talk more about the humble beginnings of my plant journey on The Book of Corinthian Blog

More time passed and more moon cycles came. There would be times that the vinca were wilting again because I was not making the time to water them. I would bring life back into balance and water the plants while speaking life into them again. A day or two would pass and they would be back standing tall with flowers blooming without any indication of weakness. Not only were the flowers blooming beautifully, but the plants were starting to outgrow their pots once more. I was doing the same.

Here over the past week, I got sick with an upper respiratory infection resulting in me missing school for a week. I rarely get sick, but I instantly knew the underlying spiritual cause of my illness. I was taking on too much and not exerting my energy wisely during that particular week causing me to feel burnt out and stressed. Stress weakens our immune systems making us more susceptible to catching colds and illnesses of sorts. Spirit had already told me to slow down and redirect which is why I cancelled going to another vendoring opportunity on Saturday October 9th. I figured I just needed a days rest and that I would be back rolling the next day still being able to keep up with the ambitious goal list that I set for October. I was wrong. Not even 24 hours after cancelling vendoring, I was physically down with body aches that wouldn’t allow me to move. I was forced to get still and listen to the messages from Spirit that I had been trying to avoid. During this time I had to sit with my thoughts, reflect on what was working, reevaluate what was not, and make conscious decisions to redirect and better utilize my energy in this season of exponential growth. My body was healing physically but so were my mind and spirit. During this time I also had to sit with the themes that this retrograde season had presented to me. One of of those themes being trust. I was reminded of the importance of trusting in The Divine Process without being in a hurry just as nature does. I was reminded of what I needed to do in order to bloom again.  

When I had finally mustered up enough strength, I went outside to get some fresh air. Coincidentally the vinca were wilting away again. This time they looked worse than they had all the times previous. The soil was dry, the flower buds appeared to be completely gone, and the stems and leaves were hanging on for dear life. It was obvious that I had fallen off with plant care before I got sick. Remembering all of the times that the plants bounced back, there was no doubt in my mind that they could do it again. I repotted them, watered them, spoke life, and saw them blooming again by morning. Observing the resilience of the vinca, I reflected on my resilient nature as well. Reflecting on the poetry in Beauty in the Bayou and the paintings from the book that hang in my home, I was thankful to be reminded of all that I had overcome. I knew that I would come out of this temporary sickness stronger and emerge wiser than before too. 

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Mercury Retrograde has ended and we are left with the lessons and messages that this time brought up for us. Saturn and Pluto have gone direct too bringing this retrograde season near its end.  We’ve been granted opportunities to put the soul growth that we’ve been experiencing into action. We’ve been gifted with another chance to evolve and ascend. On this ascension journey life doesn’t necessarily slow down as change is constant. We can, however, learn from the resilience of the vinca plants. We can exercise that same resilience as we champion through each season adapting and getting stronger as we reach new heights on our unique journeys. I believe the Divine is always speaking to us especially through nature. If we should open our eyes, ears, and hearts to listen, we can be reminded that the Divine is within us giving us the strength to rise time and time again regardless of the adversity we face. 

This week’s full moon is an optimal time to release what is no longer working for us and shed any layers that we no longer need after shadow working through this retrograde season. This is an ideal time to create space for what will work and boldly manifest the version of us that is aligned with what is ahead of us. This moon provides us with a divine portal of enlightenment, longevity, and increase. It is my prayer that you align and receive all that is intended for you. It is my prayer that you are well. Peace & Love, Corinthian

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