No Weeds in the Garden

Fall is here and it has been a transformational time indeed. I am thankful for the shifts that have been happening and the downloads that have been coming in during this season of transition. When I think of this time of year, I think of how the leaves fall from the trees and how there is a noticeable difference in the clothes that we wear because the weather is changing. Nature teaches us much that we need to know about the process of life. Usually when fall comes around I am focused on what I need to let go of. I usually plan a detox of some sort and make a conscious decision to kick a habit or two that I feel is hindering my growth. Last fall I parted ways with the final habit that I felt no longer aligned with my highest good. It was a true test of the mind to let go of it and I am so grateful to be here mentally. This year has been different with how I’ve approached the fall. I have not felt led to kick any habits because I have already done so. My diet and lifestyle are completely in alignment with the version of me that I have been manifesting for some time. The last dietary changes that I made this spring have been permanent ones. More details on that are in the 40 Days & 40 Nights blog. 

My mindset and way of being has been shifting this year from focusing on my “healing journey” to just being healed.  I was talking to a friend this week about this. We discussed how the term “healing” has created a collective mindset that we should always be fixing ourselves in the terms that we are broken. She made a profound statement about how we are to heal the past traumas, fears, and emotions and lose the storyline as it could be used against us. That resonated with me and touched a part of my soul. When I received the vision for The Book of Corinthian in 2016, writing Beauty in the Bayou was not in my plans as I mentioned in the book. I am understanding more and more each day that when God gives us vision, it is not always meant for us to see the full plan right away. Writing and releasing Beauty in the Bayou was my way of losing that old story and all of the past fears, thoughts, and emotions associated with it. Sharing it publicly was to encourage others to do the same with their own stories. Giving birth to the Beauty in the Bayou Workbook (which was also not in my plans) was my way of fully releasing the older version of me that was healing, Corinthian Elizabeth. I shared some of the tools that I used on my healing journey for others to potentially incorporate on theirs. All of it was and has been necessary to fully see the vision through which is still manifesting today. 

In last week’s blog, “Resilience”, I made a reference to some weeds that killed some of my plants. The thing about weeds is that they are silent killers. You may not see them until its too late. When I discovered the weeds in my raised garden bed, I tried to pull them up. It was too many and they were deeply rooted in the ground. It physically hurt my hands to pull them up. The ones that I did attempt to pull up, would break off just where I could see them breaking through the soil. But they were still growing underneath the surface. I find weeds to be similar to our thoughts. We can’t see thoughts but they are there. They are either speaking life or death into our conscious or subconscious mind regardless of our awareness of them. That is just how the metaphysical works. My husband informed me that I needed to dig them up with a shovel and turn over the ground before I planted anything new. I found this advice from my husband to be synonymous with this last chapter of my life where I was in a season of pulling up the weeds, doing the inner work, and creating space for the new chapter that I have been manifesting, envisioning, and praying for to come to pass which is happening right now. I am tending to my physical garden to prepare the ground for planting seeds in spring. I am doing the same by tending to my inner garden of heart, mind, family, and home in preparation for what God has shown me is to come. I am doing this by increasing my time with daily meditation. “Prayer is when we talk to God. Meditation is when we listen.” (I read that quote in a book before, I cannot remember which one.)  I created the “365 Days of Meditation Journal” so that I could increase my time of listening to God and hold myself accountable while doing so. I am also tending to my inner garden by being more intentional with my art, honoring rest as a priority, and disconnecting from anything that is a distraction from fulfilling my highest calling. 

Since writing my first book, I have been more intentional about fully integrating my shadow as I referenced in last week’s blog “Embrace the Shadows”. My son told me a few weeks ago, “Your shadow is always there even if you can’t see it. When its light you just can’t see it but its still there!” I had an ah ha moment along with him as soon as those words left his lips. God speaks to me daily through my own children and the children that I teach at school. This is my same son that I reference in Beauty in the Bayou when he was just two years old. He would tell his shadow to go “bye bye” because he didn’t want to see it. He would get mad when it wouldn’t just go away. He can now see and understand his physical shadow through a different lens just as I am able to see the same spiritually. What a journey it has been. 

Consciously deciding to heal does not mean that we are broken. Truth is, no matter how much we’ve been through or how much pain we have endured, we are already divine and always will be. The Creator deemed us as worthy before we were even conceived. The healing journey is about innerstanding that and shedding what conflicts with the truth about our divinity. This fall has taught me that when you are walking in love, that shedding happens almost organically. It becomes less about doing and more about being. I am grateful for this clarity and to be living in the promise. The word “heal” is in both acronyms for both of my businesses, The Book of Corinthian LLC and Corinthian’s Lighthouse LLC. Both businesses are an extension of me fulfilling my soul mission. Healing, as I would define it, is about evolving and adapting as nature does, elevating our consciousness as we navigate through this human experience, shifting both our perception and perspective as we shift, and awakening to the truth of who we are as eternal beings. Healing is transforming our minds to align with God’s mind so that we may fully walk in our Divine Power, which is our birthright to do. All of that is already within us. The healing journey is about remembering. The changes that have been happening with me this fall have been more internal, but nevertheless I am thankful for what is happening beneath the surface. Any remaining outdated thought patterns or deep subconscious programming have been coming up to the surface more quickly for me to “weed out”. When this happens, I am able to create and accept new thoughts that are in alignment with my divinity. That is the main focus of The Book of Corinthian App, to send out the daily affirmations as reminders of who and what we are with intentions of creating a global shift in consciousness. 

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“And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”-Romans 12:2 

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  1. Girl. You are a beautiful writer 🔥❤️🔥❤️🔥
    I loved it!!!!! All that. That was helpful for me to read. I love what you said about weeds and tending to your garden. That analogy really resonates with my spirit…
    gotta clean house completely 🙌🏾

    Thank you!!!!

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