Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

On yesterday, May 5th, a lunar eclipse occurred along with the full moon. A full moon in itself, is an optimal time for healing. During this time, light is shed on what needs to continue, what needs to change, and what needs to go, hence the illumination of the full moon. Taking that information into consideration, the full moon is a divine opportunity to cleanse and purge away what needs to be released. It is also an ideal time to express gratitude for all that has come to be thus far with the current moon cycle. When a lunar eclipse occurs along with a full moon, the healing energy is amplified. Eclipses tend to bring what may feel like sudden changes. That is because even more is “illuminated”. It is a great time to be aware and in tune with Higher Power. 

Meditation, sitting in silence, journaling, yoga, cleansing and healing rituals are some of the various ways to tune into the healing energy of this cosmic event. The energy typically is most heightened both three days before the full moon and three days after it. This particular moon that occurred on the 5/5 portal yesterday signaled big changes to come over the course of the next 6 months. If you haven’t tapped in yet, you still have time to take advantage of what is happening for the collective in the cosmos. Considering that more than one planet is in retrograde right now, for this particular full moon and eclipse, less can be more. Taking time to get still and write out a list of what you wish to release is a great start. In addition to a release list, making a gratitude list for what has come so far with this moon cycle including: lessons you’ve learned, things you’ve gained, messages and signs you’ve received, and experiences you’ve benefited from is another simple way to honor this energy. For more detailed information and rituals on how to use full moons for healing, check out a post from The Book of Corinthian Blog and video from The Book of Corinthian’s Youtube Channel. 

I too, being in tune with the shifts that are happening, announced yesterday on The Book of Corinthian App that Corinthian’s Lighthouse online metaphysical store was open again after a year of rebuilding, revamping, studying, and healing. I’ll be sharing more about this revamp in future blogs. For spiritual tools to add to your full moon rituals, check out the new shop, here.

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