From Light Coach to Lighthouse

Back in the fall of 2019 my first business, The Book of Corinthian LLC,  began offering sage bundles with custom affirmation cards, healing crystals, healing journals, and more growing into an online metaphysical shop. I soon began publicly offering my healing services silently attracting clients that were in alignment with my gifts. Soon after that, I completed my certification as a life coach. Last year in spring of 2020 The Book of Corinthian expanded into multiple business endeavors, one of them being Corinthian The Lightcoach DBA. This part of my business took off rapidly and my heart was filled with thanks to the Creator that I could use my light in the middle of a global pandemic. I quickly realized that I was in the middle of a shift that I did not know would be coming so soon.  A few months later I published my first book, The Book of Corinthian Chapter One: Beauty in the Bayou under my first and middle name Corinthian Elizabeth. Three months after that I locked my hair and the rest was history as she wrote it.
I knew that the day would come that I would be ready to go by just “Corinthian”. I just had no idea that it would be this soon. At best, I figured that age 30 would be a more appropriate timeline for when God’s promise would unfold even more for my life. Ha! You know what they say about telling God your plans and Him laughing or something like that! I talk more about this in one of my loc journey update videos on my Youtube Channel. Pretty soon after locking my hair I retired and launched At this point, I was sure that I was ready to embrace and fully embody “Corinthian”. This would mean tapping into my intuitive gifts like never before and trusting the Creator’s will for me to be a vessel of service to humanity. This was in the middle of the fall when I am usually called to adapt to the ways of trees and shed the leaves that no longer serve me. For the next few months, I would go through another soul shifting awakening coming face to face with my doubts, fears, and uncertainties. I faced another ego death surrendering and accepting that it would not be “me” but The Creator moving through me that would allow me to do this work. After death, there is light. Now Corinthian’s Lighthouse is an LLC and I am confident in carrying out my mission in this realm of my purpose. Corinthian’s Lighthouse is officially open for business! Thank you for being here! Please subscribe to the blog and check out the full site to learn more. You can also register to attend my virtual book signing  for my new book,  Beauty in the Bayou Workbook where I share more about how Corinthian’s Lighthouse was conceived and now born. You can also connect and stay up to date with the latest by downloading The Book of Corinthian App on your favorite app store.

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