Embrace The Shadows

Mercury Retrograde begins today!  I personally love Mercury Retrogrades and all of retrogrades honestly. There are several other planets in retrograde right now and have been for some time this year. I believe that Mercury’s tends to get the most public attention because this planet directly effects communication. Collectively we all have to communicate with others in some way or another, virtually or in person throughout our day to day lives. Being able to communicate effectively has to do with our ability to express ourselves. We can’t fully express ourselves unless we know who we truly are. In order to do this, we must embrace our shadows. Retrogrades are an ideal time for shadow work and going deeper within ourselves to discover our inner truths. It is a time for self-reflection and soul growth. That is why I appreciate them so. Not to say that soul growth and self-reflection is easy. In fact, I would say that it is the complete opposite. But if we don’t do the hard things, are we truly living this human experience anyway? 

There is a dangerous misconception that connecting with ourselves spiritually is all light. I wanted to believe that too when I got the vision for The Book of Corinthian, with the initial mission to spread love and light. What I didn’t know was that a year later I would be facing my shadows and writing new poems that manifested into a whole book, Beauty in the Bayou. Looking back at that time period, it was exactly what I needed.  I cried many tears, felt every emotion, lost sleep, lost people, and even contemplated if the vision would ever come into fruition. I am thankful that I didn’t avoid this phase of my journey and did what was hard then. I am more thankful that the inner work has helped many others on their journeys too, which is ultimately what its all about. If I could change anything about that time, I wish that I had someone to tell me that embracing the darkness is also a part of the journey back to spirit. I didn’t have that someone, but I am able to be that someone now. 

I could give a bunch of tips on how to navigate through this retrograde. In fact I have in a past post on The Book of Corinthian Blog. My best advice to you during this time is to get to know yourself better inside and out. Sit with yourself and be honest as you rediscover every part of you. Embrace both your darkness and your light with intention to create harmony within those realms. Understanding who you are on a soul level requires understanding your thoughts. You can’t begin to understand something unless you are aware of what that something is. Journaling is a simple yet powerful tool that can help with this. Check out my podcast episode on How Journaling Saved My Life for more insight and tips on that. 

Truth be told,  I encourage this kind of self-reflection regularly regardless if there is a planet in retrograde or not. However, cosmic energy is on your side specifically right now for this kind of work. So why not take full advantage of what the universe is offering to you? If you have already been feeling this before today like I have (during the pre-shadow phase of this retrograde), you may be feeling pulled to create and finish tasks with the growth that you have been experiencing. You may also be feeling called to do things differently and try something new. “Internet advice” may say that starting new things is discouraged during Mercury Retrograde. My personal best advice here is to sit with your decisions first and make sure that you are moving from a sound place. Be sure that you are not acting from a place of fear, but from love. You can’t go “wrong” when you’re moving in love. If you go “wrong”, you will learn in the process. I say if you learn in the process of doing anything, then its a win regardless of the final outcome. Speaking of “internet advice”, I advocate for creating a healthy usage of social media. If you are constantly scrolling and reading the thoughts of others, you are subconsciously taking on those thoughts. How can you get to know yourself better if other’s people’s posts are constantly telling you how to think and feel? Also during retrograde season, if old things come up or people from your past return, self-reflect here too. Is there a soul lesson that you need to learn or did you already learn the lesson in the past and now is the time to apply the knowledge acquired? 

All in all, I encourage you to greet this time with an open mind. Be open to all that transpires. Practice gratitude. Do things that keep you grounded. Create something. And of course, meditate. If you’re in need of a life coach, check out my services. If life coaching isn’t for you but you could use assistance on where to start, check out my Beauty in the Bayou Workbook. It is a gem specifically designed for shadow work. If you aren’t ready to dive in that deep yet, start off with my 365 Days Of Meditation Mindfulness and Accountability Journal which will also help you better connect with yourself. Above all, do what feels right for you and be kind to yourself in the process. It is my prayer that this season brings you soul growth, new creativity, and a sense of inner peace that only you can create within yourself. Peace & Love to you! -Corinthian

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