Corinthian’s LIGHTHOUSE LLC is the first chapter of business expanding from The Book of Corinthian LLC. Both the acronym and mission of LIGHTHOUSE stands for Learning Intentionally Giving Hope to Heal Ourselves and Understand Soul Evolution. Owner and intuitive healing artist Corinthian is actively fulfilling this mission by sharing her gifts with others while simultaneously healing herself. Corinthian’s Lighthouse is your one stop shop for custom healing tools, products, and services crafted to aid you on your ascension journey.


Corinthian became aware of her ability to self heal through her meditation practice in 2016 after going through a life altering awakening which served as her initiation into spiritual healing. With this initiation, she grew a passion to help others find their inner light. Since then, she has acquired additional certifications in the following alternative therapies: mindfulness, meditation, sound healing, crystal healing, and color therapy. Corinthian is also a level 2 reiki practitioner, a trauma-informed kid yoga teacher, herbalist, aromatherapist, certified life coach, and the author of three books.

In addition to meditation and other alternative healing methods, art has been a beneficial tool for self-healing on Corinthian’s journey. Art has helped her connect with her soul, become more self-aware, and awaken to the divinity that is within us all. Corinthian currently teaches art at a local middle school. She has had the honor of teaching over 1,500 children mindfulness, meditation, and how to express themselves through art and find their inner voice. She has led group meditation with over 800 children in unison and directed a school wide art show. Corinthian graduated from Baylor University with a degree in Child Development and Family Studies and a concentration in business. She has a decade of professional and volunteer experience serving youth.

 At the age of 30, Corinthian’s greatest achievement by far is creating a loving family. She is married to Jarvis Mckey Williams.  They have 4 children Jarvis Jr. (age 7), Legend Ezekiel (age 4), Freedom Elizabeth (age 3), and Halo Oye (stillborn). The Williams family currently resides in the DFW metroplex. Download The Book of Corinthian App on your favorite app store to join Corinthian on her journey.