40 Days & 40 Nights

Today I began my official fast before welcoming in the summer. I am undergoing an intense shift and a mental, physical, and spiritual reset is in order. I got a head start on this fast last week on May 6th, two days before my 29th birthday. I am eliminating soy, all processed foods, all fried foods, and all breads from my diet. I eliminated meat and dairy from my diet nearly 4 years ago in August of 2017. I elevated in many ways due to my my diet changing. You can read about those experiences on The Book of Corinthian blog. Here are the links to those blogs What Happened When I Stopped Eating MeatWhat Happened When I Stopped Eating Dairy.

I am also combining intermittent fasting by cutting off my meals and snacks at 9:00pm and only consuming water and herbs until 11:00am the following day. My diet will consist of  lots of greens, grains, and fruits and vegetables (that can also be in the form of natural juices). After day 33 of the fast, I will be joining my sistar Satin Marche, founder and owner of Sacred Melanin for a 7 day juice cleanse in conjunction with the summer solstice. I will be eliminating the grains and solid fruits and vegetables and will be juicing only for those days. If you are interested in joining us on the 7 day juice journey, register here at satinmarche.com.


Growing up in the church, I adapted the belief that fasting was an act of sacrifice. I grew to believe that this sacrifice meant giving up something that I liked so that “God” could give me something in return. I grew to dread fasting with the church in this way. It seemed as if I were punishing myself and begging God to give me a reward after the punishment ended. As I grew older and my beliefs evolved, I view fasting as act of self-discipline and an act of unconditional love. I see this fast as me purifying my temple and aligning with my Higher Self, the God within us all. I am excited to take this journey on and strengthen my relationship with self and the Creator. I have no expectations or requests from this fast. I am simply setting my intentions to cleanse, align, and grow throughout this process. If you are interested in joining me by fasting in a way that suits you, please reach out by emailing me at ceo@corinthianslighthouse.com. You can also connect with me via The Book of Corinthian App for daily affirmations, encouragement, and more updates! The app is available both on Apple and Google Play!

Peace & Love,


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