In my youth, I developed a fear of the number 6, especially if it were tripled, having grown up in the church. Now looking back, I can’t believe that I ever believed the notion that the “devil” had his own number. Over the years, I’ve grown to know and understand... Read more"Six"

No Weeds in the Garden

Fall is here and it has been a transformational time indeed. I am thankful for the shifts that have been happening and the downloads that have been coming in during this season of transition. When I think of this time of year, I think of how the leaves fall from... Read more"No Weeds in the Garden"


As the moon grows full, I am reminded of another gift in nature, plants. Not just any plants, but the annual vinca that my husband bought me at the beginning of summer as I was attempting to start a garden outside of our new home. He bought the plants to... Read more"Resilience"

Embrace The Shadows

Mercury Retrograde begins today!  I personally love Mercury Retrogrades and all of retrogrades honestly. There are several other planets in retrograde right now and have been for some time this year. I believe that Mercury’s tends to get the most public attention because this planet directly effects communication. Collectively we... Read more"Embrace The Shadows"